Dear Friends & Family,


 What a wonderful Service we had on Sunday, as we came to realize that we Religious Scientists are just like our country’s wonderful Potato Farmer Friends. Both plant seeds in the soil – the Potato Farmer uses the soil of the earth, while the Farmers of the Mind plant thought-seeds in the soil of the Law!

Given the type and quality of the seed sown, each receives a crop equal to the seed sown! A good seed produces a good crop. A bad seed produces a bad crop! It’s seems pretty simple, right?

Potato Farmers tend to run into problems when they think they can plant carrot seeds or cucumber seeds and can harvest a crop of potatoes. This reminds the Farmer of the Mind that one cannot plant a seed of lack and hope to harvest a crop of prosperity; plant a seed of illness and expect a crop of well-being; or plant seeds of failure and watch success bloom in one’s life! We must plant the thought-seeds, (think the thoughts), of that which we wish to harvest in our lives!

We also discovered that Potato Farmers use the Law of the Harvest, and they tell us that they have learned that they cannot change that law, but rather, they have come to understand that they must use this law as it is designed.

Dr. Holmes teaches us the same about the Law of Mind – you cannot change it; but you can use it for your good He once said, “There is a Power for Good in the Universe, and you can use It!”

As a result, the Farmer uses the Law of Harvest by preparing the soil, planting the seed, watering the fields, pulling the weeds and receiving the harvest when it is ready. Funny thing, the Farmer of the Mind must do the same. He/She prepares the soil of their minds through meditation; plants positive and life-affirming seeds through affirmations and prayer; pulls the weed-thoughts of negativity; and makes welcome the harvest-manifestations in their lives!

It was fun to discover that we are all just good, ol’ farmers, and the Universe has put the natural laws in place, so that whether we plant physical seeds in the soil of the earth, or mental seeds in the soil of Mind, we will always get exactly what we plant in our lives!

You know, one more thing: I just wanted to extend my gratitude and thanks to the farmers in our country who work so lovingly and so hard to produce the wonderful food we enjoy! A special shout-out to our potato farmers who make my favorite food – potato chips – a reality in my world! I LOVE YOU!

I love you all so very much and am looking forward to seeing your wonderful harvests!

Rev. Dan