Dear Family,

Dear Family,
This last Sunday, we finished our four week series covering the Introduction of the Science of Mind – it was a wonderful month of going back to basics and revisiting the very foundation of our teaching! What a blast it was to speak about the biblical story of the Israelites’ journey from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the Promised Land, and let’s face it, it just boggles the mind that a journey of eleven days could turn into a forty year trek!

And what we discovered was that whenever our Jewish friends failed the THREE C’s, they had to do another lap in the desert! That is, whenever they failed to remain strong in their CONVICTION of the Truth, around the desert they went. That is, whenever they allowed their internal and external CONVERSATIONS to move into negativity, around the desert they went. That is, whenever they failed to show COURAGE in taking right action, around the desert they went.

In other words, when they lacked faith in and doubted Principle, the Law could not move them into their vision of the Promised Land. And when their conversations were negative in nature, the Law could not manifest their dream. And when they became fearful and backed down from taking the action they needed to do, it was impossible for the Law to bring them their desire.

What is fascinating is that we have come to understand that every story in the Bible is the story of our own lives. And so the question becomes: Where are we failing in the THREE C’s? Where is our CONVICTION, our CONVERSATION and our COURAGE falling short? It’s important to ask these questions because without understanding these things, we continue to think, speak and act according to our old patterns. This means the Law is unable to move us into the new Promised Land of our Dreams!

So this week, let’s examine, explore and understand where we need to strengthen our CONVICTION, inject positivity into our CONVERSATIONS, and build up our COURAGE to take action! What I know is that as we do this work, we provide the Law with what is necessary for It to move us out of the desert of our existing conditions to the new, fertile and abundant Promised Land of our Dreams!

A Bazillion, Gazillion Blessings,

Rev. Dan