To My Dear Family,

Last Sunday, what an adventure we had following humankind from its birthplace in Africa to watching as our ancestors traveled, discovered and settled into every corner of the world. And then how wondrous it was to take stock of the home we all share – our planetary house we call earth – our fully self-contained space home floating in infinite space. What we discovered is that if we truly look at all of this, it is so easy to recognize our shared humanity.

Dr. Ernest Holmes also reminds us of the following on Page 117 of the Science of Mind:
…One Spirit, One Mind, One Substance. One Law, but many ideas, One Power, but many ways of using It. One God, in Whom we all live, and One Law, which we all use. ONE, ONE, ONE!! No greater unity could be conceived than that which is already given.

So If we pull all of the facts together, isn’t it wonderful to know, that even though we are so different, even though we come in all different colors, shapes and sizes, isn’t it absolutely amazing to know that we aren’t just friends, but rather we are relatives — We are FAMILY!

It is difficult to imagine that through time we have forgotten this. It seems, that through history, we have focused on what is different about us and have let our differences separate and divide us. However, regardless of how far apart we seemed to have become, we can bridge that gap with every encounter we have with another. At any given moment, we can look for what we have in common with others and take action to bring our family back together again!

I would like to share a very simple demonstration of how this works. We went to a restaurant and enjoyed a delicious meal using a 2-for-1 coupon – what a lovely blessing. As we got ready to leave, I realized we had an additional coupon that would expire that very day! I decided that I was going to help a family member enjoy the same 2-for-1 experience we just had. I set my sights on a couple reviewing the menu.

At first, I felt a little awkward about approaching them, but pushed beyond my fear, and walked up to their table and offered them the coupon. They couldn’t have been more pleased and thanked me more than once for my kindness!

I did it! In a matter of seconds, I made someone’s day better! And I had bridged the gap with a family member I didn’t even know just a moment before! Can I just say that it made me feel wonderful! Well, right from there, we went to the store and had a pillow sharing experience at Ross, a tomato incident at Albertson’s, and a yogurt event at Menchie’s! What a joy it was to connect, share, chat and laugh with all my long-lost relatives!

Would you like to help heal the world of its separateness? It’s so easy – just watch for it – and just look for ways to make someone’s day a little better. Hold the door open, smile and say ‘hello’, reach out, share and touch the life of another. When we do that, we bridge the gap between us, make the world a better place, restore people’s belief in others, builds trust, and helps all of us all remember that WE ARE JUST ONE BIG FAMILY!

Love, Love, Love you my family,

Rev. Dan