ar Family,
As we celebrate the idea of Diversity this month, it is important to remember some of what we discussed this Sunday — that there are 7.7 Billion Human Beings on the planet, and each is radically unique! That’s right! Each being’s iris, ear, lip print, tongue, voice, toe print and retina are unique and distinct from every other being’s on the planet! Very much like an artist signs his/her paintings, I believe that is how the Universe signs off on each of us – It is God’s way of saying, “This is a precious, unique and exquisite piece of art that I have created!”  
And let’s remember what Dr. Holmes tells us in the Declaration of Principles – What We Believe: “We believe in the individualization of the Spirit in Us, and that ALL people are individualizations of the One Spirit.” Wow! So that means that we are Spirit’s infinite power and intelligence, boundless love and creativity, and endless abundance all wrapped in a unique skin suit!
Can you see what a wonder you truly are?
For whatever reason, if you are feeling less than in any way, I want you to remember this:
You are incredibly beautiful, special, unique and powerful! You were born to shine like the stars! You were put here to do wondrous and marvelous things! You were created to give Spirit the opportunity to express its brilliance in the physical realm! You were placed here to dream and to be bring those dreams to life! You were put here at this very time to learn, to live, to love and to experience the very best the Universe has to offer. And never forget, you were given all the love and wisdom and power to do it all!
Oh…and one more thing…Never, ever, ever forget that you are loved by the Divine more than you could ever imagine!
Oh…and one more thing…Never, ever, ever forget that the Universe holds you in Its heart and is supporting you in every way!
Oh…and one more thing…Never, ever, ever forget that Rev Cheryl, Rev Staci, the Ministry of Prayer Team and I love you and are here for you!
Now go live the life you were meant to live, you little diverse piece of the Universe!

Love, love, love,
Rev. Dan