Dear Friends & Family,

Dr. Ernest Holmes asserts, “What a difference it would make in our human Relations, if we tried to sense the meaning of the Divine incarnation in all people and adjust our viewpoint to the truth that all are bound together in the unity of God.”
“What is the key to living peace,” he asked?
“Inclusiveness,” he answered. “To bring everyone into the Love and Life of God. To see all as sacred and individualized expressions of the Divine. Accept all with unconditional Love. Invite and exclude no one!”

In light of the most recent events, such as those that occurred in Sri Lanka and in the Jewish Community in California, I wondered if there was anything I could do to turn things around on our little planet. And then I read the quote above from Dr. Ernest Holmes. First of all, I marvel, not just at the wisdom of his words, but how they are as relevant today as when he first uttered them many years ago!

Secondly, what I know is that at every moment, I have the opportunity to do exactly what Dr. Holmes suggests, and as such, I have the power to contribute to making the world a more loving and peaceful place. So, I have a new spiritual practice that I use, whenever I encounter or interact with someone that is being less than the LOVE that they are. I merely stop reacting to them, and I lovingly send them the following thought: “I bring you into the Love and Life of God!”

I am amazed at how these words absolutely change the very energy and vibration of what is happening at that moment!

I encourage you to give it try and simply watch how you can be the catalyst for changing the world!

Love, love, love,
Rev. Dan