Dear Family,

What a wonderful Day 11/11 turned out to be! Not only for our veterans but for our beloved 13 year old Isabel Matea Davis Meritt. We observed a moment of silence for those lives lost in the shooting in Thousand Oaks. We sent out thoughts and prayers for all those effected by the fires burning in Northern and Southern California. Rev. Karen told us how to recognize fear and what to do about it.

Wholeness is the truth of all that is, with that as our starting point, we find evidence of wholeness everywhere we look. We need not fear God, since God is good and God is good all the time. We all make so-called mistakes, and we have experienced the natural consequences of those mistakes, and at the same time, ours is to lean and grow from them. Punishing ourselves or others serves no purpose. Though it may difficult at first to see the good in some experiences, if we start from wholeness, yours and that of others, in all situations. Love and discernment will guide the way, while fear and punishment will have no space or place.

I invite us all to look beyond appearances to see the wholeness in every being and in every situation, and from there act with love, compassion and wisdom.

Peace, Love and Gratitude,
Rev. Cheryl