Rev. Cheryl

“The idea is that, behind the personal father whom we know and to whom we relate, lies an innate psychological structure which influences the way we experience him.”
Carl Jung


Dear Friends and Family,

Dr. Rima was just as fabulous as she always is. She spoke about father’s day and the masculine energy in all of us, how the father archetype shows us in our lives, how some of us might have some places to be healed in our lives around the Masculine energy. Rev. Staci and I are leading a Quantum Living Class that deals with healing any Father wounds.

Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, had been celebrated just the day before. The day the last vestiges of slavery disappeared. Yet, the “Soul’s Call to Freedom” cannot be Ignored or Extinguished. She spoke about how the Quantum Living process fosters freedom and assists with Re-parenting ourselves, Breaking abusive cycles.

When you heal yourself, you heal the world. Therefore, self-healing is Collective healing, as there is only one of us. Dr. Rima reminded us to look for the Good, Find the Blessing and Be the One!

Love and Oneness,
Rev. Chery