Rev. Cheryl

Dear Family and Friends,

We wish you a special holiday greeting of peace, joy, abundance and health. Let us hold our world closely to our hearts and breathe peace, love and goodwill into it.

Take a few moments and reflect on these words of the founder of this teaching Dr. Ernest Holmes.

Peace be unto the, stranger, enter and be not afraid.
I have left the gate open and thou art welcome to my home.
There is room in my house for all.
I have swept the hearth, and lighted the fire.
The room is warm and cheerful and you will find comfort and rest within.
The table is laid and the fruits of Life are spread before thee.
The wine is here also; it sparkles in the light.
I have set a chair for you where the sunbeams dance through the shade.
Sit and rest and refresh your soul.
Eat of the fruit and drink the wine
All, all is truly yours, and you are welcome.

-Dr. Ernest Holmes from the title page of “The Science of Mind” text book


Peace and blessings,
Rev. Cheryl