Rev. Cheryl

“I am trying to make what is most Divine in me rise to what is Divine in the Universe.” – Plotinus

Dear Family and Friends,

The creative message of both Passover and Easter is about rising and transcendence. We rise when we transcend our fears, prejudices, and histories to be instruments for divine creative expression. We “rise in faith, believing” means we inhabit and create from a field of pure potentiality that exceeds and celebrates our precious, unique, and beloved humanness.

Rising up is a gift we give ourselves and the universe. Just as Jesus, the “Great Example,” was no longer tomb-bound, neither are we. We live beyond our stones and barriers by choosing to reveal and release our hidden splendor. There is a “higher place” in consciousness where we can envision and create lives of deep meaning, love, and a world that works for all. We set aside barriers of fear or doubt and give life to the joyful, creative process of God Itself.

Living above and beyond judgments, limited thinking, or ego, we can experience peace both within and without- through our choice to create! When peace and intention lead, the divine artistry of the universe is revealed.

Rev. Cheryl