Rev. Cheryl

Dear Friends and Family,

Rev Wanda spoke this past Sunday; her talk title was “The Great Work of Your Life.” Before she began her talk, Patty Powers, our musical director, sang “Waiting On The World To Change” by John Mayer.

Rev. Wanda asked the question, are you all waiting on the world to change? Some of us are waiting for the world to go back to normal. Everything that we have known is suddenly uncertain. Whatever normal is, I know that this is a time for each of us to recognize the Divine Perfection hidden in this thing called Covid-19.

I listened to Rev. Staci do a prayer on Zoom for the Universal Peace Federation this morning that went around the world, she did a beautiful prayer and reading from “Creative Mind” titled The Perfect Universe, by Ernest Holmes. I believe it is certainly a time to remember and recognize the One Power. To know it as God or the Infinite Good. I know that this time is causing an awakening in my and everyone else’s consciousness.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have what it takes to give from our hearts, to give to all of Life that is happening around us. My tears and my fears transform into greater Universal ideas and actions, all to lift myself and others to higher ground. I feel empowered and encouraged. I also know that each and every one of us remembers that it all begins from within. Rev. Wanda invited us to stop waiting on the world to change, but to change the world. Well, it starts from within.

Open your heart and identify the great work of your life. Science of Mind teaches that we each exist and have come into being so the Divine spark, fire, impulse, creativity may be consciously expressed and not limited. We each are uniquely poised to express our unique gifts, talents, and strengths that only we can. It is the call of Life Itself seeking to express Itself in new, fresh ways, and we are tasked with answering the call without limitations.

Rev. Wanda reminded us that life is not a spectator sport. I loved her suggestion that instead of waiting on the world to change, we change the world! Who’s in?

Peach and blessings,
Rev. Cheryl

The Call
by Ernest Holmes
This I saw or else some greater presence made it known to thee,
the universe is filled with life, the earth, the sky, the sea
And teamed with Intelligence with majesty and might
Deep within me some subtle inner sight
Beholds and sees, comprehends and knows the All
No fears, no falters, but answers the Divine Call.
To be as one, beyond the bonds of time and space
To overcome the bondage of the human race
And to leap with Trust, undaunted and free,
into the deeps of that infinite sea
Who’s waters, calm are ready to receive
Those who in simple faith Believe.