Rev. Cheryl

Dear Friends and Family,

I am so grateful that I was moved to talk about the Celebration of Life that Rev. Staci and myself officiated on Sunday, October 25th. I was not aware that the Grandmother watched our talks, “Live.” Below is the text Rev. Staci received after our celebration service on Sunday.

“My dear Staci, A big thank you for the beautiful gift of tribute to my darling Antoinette. This is the first time since her passing. I finally managed to let go and let God. The tears were a well-needed release. Thank you both for your love and support.”

Like I said on Sunday, I never get tired of hearing how this teaching, our words, or our classes help folks move through those dark times. I am grateful to be a part of a teaching and a Center that brings love and light to all who want to experience it. Remember that we are here to serve you. Do not ever hesitate to give us a call, text, or email.

Love and boundless blessings,
Rev. Cheryl