Rev. Cheryl
The theme for March 2021 is “Open to Possibilities,” and it’s Women’s history month! Our lives are transformed and expanded when we live in and from the question, “What is Spirit’s Highest Idea of Itself as my life?” Are you asking the Universe for what you want, and are you open to receive the fullness of life that you are? Set free and let loose within you the infinite possibilities!

Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind™, believed that our future is not dependent on our past. However, a great deal of us are still thinking about all that took place in 2020. I believe no matter who we are or what’s happening in our world, we are always living in possibilities. And knowing that it is “done unto us as we believe,” We take that step to create a vision for our lives that is limitless. Opening ourselves to new possibilities will require that we evolve and work on what we truly believe about the Universe.

Ask yourself that higher question, and remain open to the possibilities to experience a life beyond your wildest imaginations that works in alignment with the highest good for all. Do not allow the past to dissuade you.