Rev. Cheryl

“We all have the ability to transcend previous experiences and rise triumphant above them; but we shall never triumph over them while we persist in going through the old mental reactions.”
– Ernest Holmes,
The Science of Mind, p. 147

Dear Friends and Family:

As students of this teaching, we are all tasked with stepping out into the world, expecting things to always work out for us. No matter how things might appear.

Albert Einstein reportedly said that the most important decision anyone can make is whether or not they live in a friendly universe. The responsibility to build our faith is on us. The responsibility to “Prove Principle” is on us!

While we can be tempted to stay comfortable in our discomfort, reliving our past experiences, beliefs, and behaviors, it’s time to accept Spirit’s invitation into the new, unlimited possibilities of the present. Let’s set the intention to shine the light of consciousness into our old, less-than-conscious habits of thinking and doing. Let’s replace our old “I’ve always…” story with the new script of “Up until now…”

Peace and blessings,
Rev. Cheryl