Dear Friends & Family,

“The human race, as we know, it is not the offspring of God. It would dishonor God to believe that He could create what confronts us as human beings; it would be a travesty on God to believe that the conditions existing in this world today were created by Him.”-Joel Goldsmith, The Contemplative Life

Last Sunday we spoke about Creating Meaningful Conversations. As the expressions of Spirit, we each are here to express Spirit. We, of course, have our experiences which are different, therefore, we have differing opinions, however, when we find ourselves expressing from a heart-space of disharmony and not practicing being that which Spirit made us from we are not honoring one another or the Divine Intelligence. Creating Meaningful Conversations requires first and foremost listening to listen not to reply, but listening with an open heart so that we might learn and then when speaking we might teach a different perspective. My thoughts cannot change until I hear another person’s thoughts or experience on a particular subject. That is why we are all here together on this plane at this time.

This is an important time to be here on this planet and although we may not have been directly responsible for the creation of some of our human condition, we certainly have perpetuated it. My prayer is that we awaken to our magnificence and learn how to speak with each other in order to solve some of the many complexities that we have human beings have created on this earth. In other words, my prayer is to find a way to in fact create a world that works for all.

Rev. Stack Hylton