Pray for our Planet

Letter From The Howlett’s

Good Morning, LVCSL Family & Friends,
Thank you for all your kind words after my talk on Sunday about prosperity. Now it is time for action! I want every member of my spiritual family to enjoy all the prosperity possible. I gave you our belief system on it. I gave just a few examples of the demonstrations of abundance in our lives. I trust you spent some time thinking about it. I trust that you have signed a pledge card. Your solid commitment to support our Center is now firmly in your mind, and that our Ministers can now budget appropriately. Start documenting your abundance as it arrives!

As I spoke, I mentioned that $50,000 shortfall we learned that our beloved Center observed this past year. I mentioned it was only money. I said if 1,000 people gave $50 each or if 100 people gave $1,000 each, it would completely wipe out that “shortfall.” Well, those are words, and I believe it is time for action.

Our first charge is to open all our hands to receive. Yes, I said to receive. That is how it works. So, what are you willing to experience in your financial life? We have 102 “official members.” We have many others who attend, and for whatever reason, have not become “official members.” We have hundreds who benefit from this teaching and reap the spiritual benefits of the Principles taught.

I WANT YOU TO LOOK AT YOUR CURRENT “GOOD.” Bless it and acknowledge it as coming from the Divine. Remember that the Divine is limitless and available. Take a moment and envision LVCSL as a financially solid organization.

Carl and I are willing to get this going. We are committing the first $1.000. By the time we get this letter to you, it will already be demonstrating more good in our lives, and we will be tithing on that good. What are you willing to accept in your life? If all 102 members make the commitment to send $500.00, we have not only wiped out that shortfall, but we have also bathed our Center and the members in abundance.

The real blessing will be that all 102 members will learn to open their hands to receive. I am knowing that many of you will even be brave enough to speak on stage to tell your story, and you begin to demonstrate your belief in abundance. Once you have spoken your word as a member, you will help others to understand that they, too, can accept their good.

I accept for you as much good as you are willing to accept. Please don’t short yourself by using limiting affirmations of your finances.

prayer for our planet