Staci Hilton

“We are not made to hold half of our neighbors in contempt. Spiritually, we are not wired to feel hatred and mistrust toward each other. It is toxic to our souls. Beneath that anger is terrible loss. We want to be in relationship with each other. We were created for relationship.
I don’t mean that God created us and hoped that we would enjoy each other’s company. I mean that God made us such that we are not whole and healthy unless we are bounded and bonded in human relationship and we feel a part of the human family. We must recognize the sacred worth of another even when we disagree.”

Ian Cummins, United Methodist Church minister

Dear Family and Friends,

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all our “Neighbors” those that are experiencing challenges and devastation in various regions, including, Libya, Turkey, Morocco and of course our continued prayers for Lahaina, and everyone else that may be experiencing challenges.

In order to create a world that works for all we must remember the importance of coming together as a global community especially in times of need.

Rev Staci