Pray for our Planet

Civil Liberties & Human Rights, USA, 2020
by Rev. Wanda Haynes, Minister Emeritus

In this moment, I am closing my outer physical eyes and shifting my inner focus from the five senses through which I receive and perceive my human life to THE ONE OMNISCIENT, DIVINE POWER, and PRESENCE that I know as GOD. I NOW RECOGNIZE the INDWELLING SPIRIT/GOD as the ONLY POWER, CREATIVE ENERGY, and AUTHORITY there is, yesterday, today and tomorrow. I consciously unify with this ONE INDWELLING, DIVINE PRESENCE, POWER, and SOURCE OF ALL LIFE (human, animal, plant) and perfect LOVE NOW. 

From this perfect inner place of LOVE, UNITY, HARMONY, WHOLENESS, and PRINCIPLE, I AM FREE under Universal LOVE and LAW. I AM FREE IN THE SPIRIT. FREEDOM is my DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT. FREEDOM is the birthright of every living soul (E.H. SOM). I AM FREE NOW! I AM LOVE and LAW, now and always!

I am grateful for the spiritual reality that creates, sustains, guides, protects, maintains, and respects my life NOW! I know ALL GOD’S CREATIONS (men, women, children, all cultures, all nationalities, every gender, every religion, and those with no religion all have human rights that are directly bestowed on humanity by THE ONE CREATOR, GOD, not men).

In this moment, I release my creative word into the Law of MIND in ACTION, knowing that TRUTH, DIVINE LIBERTY UNDER LAW PREVAILS for ONE and ALL

prayer for our planet