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Dear practitioner:

I have found myself moving in the direction of purchasing a new home. I am not sure what is needed as far as financially and not sure about location or anything else? I thought about calling a Realtor however I feel that they are sometimes just out for their commission and don’t care about my needs. Could you make a suggestion as to what I should do to get the ball rolling?

Thank you!

Answer: by Practitioner Cristina Rodriguez

Dear Anonymous:

Congratulations on your new home! I already see you in it!!
Often, we get wrapped up in how things are going to develop, the fear of what other people might do or might not do, doubting our own desires and capabilities, and losing sight of what we actually want.

Anonymous, do you know that everything you desire (as long as it doesn’t hurt) can be yours? Usually, the only thing it stops the goodness that the Universe sends us is our own self, our doubts, and our fears. The Universe’s only request is that we trust and know that it is possible and that which we desire will be ours in divine order.

I believe that the Perfect Realtor, the perfectly gorgeous and affordable house is also there for you; open your heart to receive the gift of the Universe in the form of a realtor. Trust that you are surrounded only by good-hearted people looking for your happiness as well as their happiness (why not?). Go have fun looking at houses, see yourself in them, see the realtor and you laughing and tossing to your new beginning. What a beautiful day!

It might be true that some realtors are there just to get the money. Still, you have the power to decide that you are in control of your choices. The only way to find out is to jump right on it; the good thing is that it doesn’t cost any money to have a realtor do the job for you, looking for the perfect house, giving you financial advice. If you feel “bad vibes,” you can always say goodbye and start with another realtor. The fun is in the journey. You got nothing to lose.

I am in control of my life. I make my own choices. I trust my intuition. The perfect realtor is divinely brought to me at the right time and place. I trust the process.

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