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Dear practitioner:

What do you as a “Ministry of Prayer” pray for when you pray for yourselves?”

Thank you!

Answer from Practitioner Aldo Yniguez

My prayer is always an expression of my personal experience with my Inner Source, I am calling God. When I pray for myself, for others or any appearance of conditions, I completely surrender my whole being into that very same spot where God and I become ONE by Affirmative Prayer and/or Meditation. I trust wholeheartedly with ease and grace that ALL IS ALREADY DONE AND COMPLETE AS I BELEIVE. And so it is.

Answer from Practitioner Lauren Ballardini

When I pray for myself, I am affirming the Truth about whatever the situation is that I am facing, be it health, finances, a relationship, etc.. If I find myself stuck or unable to see past the condition, I reach out to either a Practitioner or to the entire Ministry of Prayer team. In addition, I say quick affirmations for myself each day. Depending on what my day looks like, it may be an affirmation that I arrive safe and sound to my next destination, that whatever I am seeking is easily found, that I have a day filled with ease and grace, . . .

Answer from Practitioner Carmen Rogers

As part of the Ministry of Prayer, when I pray for myself and every time I pray, I first pray for a clear consciousness and the realization of the Presence of God in my life. To be able to welcome and sense this Presence that makes all things possible.

Answer from Practitioner Fran Ulm

I always pray ‘in the first person’, because I must first know in consciousness that I hold within me the spiritual Truth that God is an indwelling and perfect presence. I pray knowing that as I am made in the nature and likeness of Spirit, so it is for all mankind, thereby extending in consciousness Truth, Grace and Love. When I pray from this place, I access a deep space that holds all of life as one.

Answer from Practitioner Gina Giordano

I pray and affirm perfect health, healing, peace, happiness, perfect loving relationships, abundance, joy, harmony, and whatever might show up that needs prayer. I always include my family, friends, our center, Rev’s, MOP team, and our spiritual family and my patients, the military, and that our world feels peace & Love for one another. 

Answer from Practitioner Cristina Rodriguez

If I am dealing with a specific “issue,” I visualize how I want that issue to be solved, I do affirmations with the opposite of what is happening at the moment (even if it is not right now true), sometimes I do a complete prayer treatment, I write it down, and I keep it in my mind during the day. Lately, I look for the “gift” in the situation, and if I am still stuck, I ask a practitioner to pray with me or for me. Finally, if my life is peaceful and stable with no “issues,” I do gratitude and visualization.

Answer from Practitioner Marsha Calder

Practitioners are the “praying arm” of the church. We pray for our center, our Revs, our members, our community, & our country. We also pray for whatever moves through us like clarity, love, peace, health, prosperity, (and the list goes on) for all people. There is always an opportunity to pray! 🙏

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