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We moved here in 2002 from Northern CA, since then Vegas has been our home. Each year I have spent visiting family for a month or more, depending on need (cancer treatments for my mom, funerals as well as celebrations). I had just returned from two funerals in January 2020, the quarantine came shortly after and I have been home (Vegas) ever since.
I have mostly been able to be there for my family my entire life … something I chose, just like I choose to help any living being that I can (thank you Universe for this gift!). Now … what to do? My parents are older (84 and 77) and everyone is vaccinated except me, a decision that comes from Source. I am still open to changing my mind, but I need to wait for my guidance which still says ‘not yet’.
In the interim, it is difficult to accept that I am missing being there during the various health struggles they are currently facing, much less that I might miss someone’s passing? I have learned to act from the heart/intuition in most cases, but this has me stumped. If you feel this will help anyone else please feel free to share, I am open.
Any responses that you have I would really appreciate,
thank you for listening 😉

Aloha Blessings!

Answer: from Practitioner Lauren Ballardini

I have great compassion for how difficult it can feel to follow one’s intuition when it appears to be in contrast to doing something that has always been done. However, I believe that you may have the opportunity to provide love and support in a different way. “Being there” for others does not always mean being physically present. How has the distance been a gift to offer care and support in a way that would not have been obvious when doing things the same way as has always been done?

We know that there is no time or space with God. Therefore, the love and prayers for your parents are instantaneous. I know that perfect health, wholeness, and Divine well-being abound for each and every member of your family. Barbara, I know that you are guided to do what is best for you and that you continue to follow your intuition in a way that supports you in living your life from a place of peace.

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