Pray for our Planet

Affirmative Prayer to Extinguish COVID
by Gina Giordano, RScP

There is only One Power, One Strength, One Source, One Principal, One Energy, One Life, and that is God. God is in me, through me, and shows up as me.

I am one with everyone and everything, and therefore, I am one with all people that are experiencing any and all adverse effects due to the virus.

I know this thing called the COVID pandemic is a temporary condition. I know this temporary condition moves forward with its fire being put out!! I understand that this COVID pandemic has caused so much loss in many ways. This virus has caused many stressful moments, job loss, loss of far too many family members
Loss is part of change. I believe that good can come from change. As I change my thinking, my thoughts, my life, I know I am the love, light, support, and strength the world needs to see. So as I move forward as a nurse, mom, daughter, aunt, friend, and Spiritual Practitioner, I surrender all that is not mine to uphold and release it to the Universal Energy and Power.

The One Principle and Source guards and protects me 110%. I know it flies out to each and every unique individual and out into the world with the utmost ease and grace. All is in Divine Order. I know that each unique individual in the world will do their part to be the change the world needs to see from all aspects of our lives.

I know the Divine Life is perfect, for we are all perfect, whole, and complete right here and right now. I know that all human life surrenders their ego. They go within, to know the Truth of themselves, and each shares their gifts that is their birthright and know that this good is shared from God‘s heavenly kingdom of abundance, prosperity, health, perfect wholeness, perfect love, and light.

For this Truth, I am forever grateful and thankful. I speak my word of Truth and send it out to that Perfect Law of the Universe. For this, I am so very grateful and thankful for it has been done right here and right now, as I have spoken.

And so it is.

prayer for our planet