Pray for our Planet

Affirmative Prayer

There is only one infinite loving Presence, and it is right where I am. I know that this loving Presence only knows love, peace, abundance, and limitless compassion.

I embrace my oneness with the Christ within all. I see every person as my sister and brother, without judgment and with unconditional acceptance. I acknowledge that humanity is healed, peace reigns supreme throughout all, and that it begins with me. Knowing that within each of us is the essence of God.

I realize again and again that God is not broken and that all things work together for the good of all of humanity, especially for my Ukrainian family. I know that the Divine in humankind, being one with the Mind of God, knows the way, and the means to permit the flow of Divine Love between individuals, territories, and nations.

I welcome perfect unity, perfect harmony, and perfect peace. I know that this has already been planted in each person and in all leaders everywhere, and I celebrate with all as we live in peace forevermore.

I give thanks for this knowing. I give thanks for the energy of peace as it flows over all of humankind. At this precise moment in our human evolution, it is imperative to release fear, grudges, and any degree of harshness.

I remember to give the best of who I have come here to be, regardless of what is happening in the outer world of form.

I release and let go and focus on the Truth as it really is!

And So It Is.

prayer for our planet