Pray for our Planet

Affirmative Prayer

I am as God is. Joy, Peace, Love, Beauty, and perfect Health and Wholeness. I am One with all of Life, knowing this is true for all.

I live, breathe and have my being in the Divine. It vibrates in every cell and fiber of my being. The Divine Mind in me knows, and Divine Mind shows me the way into the perfect unfolding of the realization of a life of peace and serenity.

I know this Truth despite any appearance to the contrary. I feel Compassion for all and affirm that the strength of Spirit is mine today and always. I am grateful for all the compassion and wisdom present in every moment, hour, and day.

I celebrate the Love that expresses, in through and as everyone on this plane. I release this prayer knowing all is well.

And So, It Is!

prayer for our planet