Pray for our Planet

Affirmative Prayer

Right here, right now I take a calm deep breath into this day. Knowing that today is the gift of the Divine. Filled up and overflowing with Love, Joy, Peace and Compassion. Knowing for all that we walk this path today that we are blessed and are able to rest back into the wonderment of the Divine no matter what we see around us. We do not look away, instead we lean even deeper into the loving and nurturing nature of God, knowing that Peace is the Truth of It.

Today I speak a blessing for our troubled world. I speak a blessing for all those involved in the conflict in Ukraine. And a blessing for all of us as we hold the situation with compassion and love in our hearts. I stand in the light for a peaceful resolution. One that is life-affirming and the best and highest good for all. I know that even in the most chaotic situations there is the potential for a Divine design to emerge and I claim the revelation of this and for love and peace to lead the way. I speak my Word for Peace, celebrating its presence in the hearts and minds of all mankind and its manifestation in every place in the world, where there may be an appearance of contention. I invite the power of LOVE to be established, rather than the love of power. Love replaces fear and Peace reigns supreme!

I give thanks that the truth is affirmed within and without, false beliefs and experiences are denied, and truth emanates from the hearts of all of mankind.

With absolute trust in Spirit operating in my life to manifest My Word, I now completely release My Word into the Power of Love and Law and confidently affirm that it is done.

And So It Is!

prayer for our planet