Pray for our Planet

Affirmative Prayer

by Fran Ulm, RScP

It is in this moment I bring my awareness inward…inward to that sacred space where that of the Most High dwells. It is in this holy and soft space I recognize there is only one Power, one Presence, one Divine Source. It is from this space of an indwelling God that the allness of Life shines through all of life…ever-present, always available, and perfect in all ways. God is Peace, Love, and Joy.

This is a spiritual Truth…this is my truth, and I fully and completely align myself with this truth in absolute unity. It is with deep conviction and spiritual knowing that I fully embrace that I am made in the nature and likeness of God. I, too, am Peace, Love, and Joy.

In this perfect moment, knowing I am grounded in Love and steeped in Peace, that I speak my word to know and affirm that this life is in the throes of forward movement. That each and every being in our local community, our country, and, indeed, our global community feels the stirring of change…beautiful and appropriate in every way. New ideas for living in harmony and peace rise to the top of our discourse, allowing for greater expansion of fresh thinking.

New ways of being are easily acquired and feel comfortable and oddly familiar. Familiar because each and every one of us know Love, and Love is the roadmap to healing and greatness. I have absolute clarity that every thought and effort is free of discord or struggle, as this is the perfect activity of God. Anything unlike this is denied and banished in this moment and forevermore!

I am prayerful and fully aware of God’s presence in all of this, and only Good and more Good can be met with every action I take. Everything I need to know is immediately available to me right now! Everything I need to become is revealed in perfect time and unfolds with grace and clarity. I affirm from this moment forward I am held, loved, and supported in all of life as God is Life…and that life is my life now. I am resolute and clear.

It is from a place of gratitude that I hold this space, knowing God is forever granting Its blessing as harmonious life greets Life greets life in all its fullness.

In this moment of Truth, I release my word into the Law, the Law that always conspires in my best and highest good. The Law that always says YES!, the Law that is unfailing and without error. It is done; I let it go, and so it is…now and forevermore.


prayer for our planet