Pray for our Planet

Affirmative Prayer for Climate Change
by Rev. Wanda Haynes, Minister Emeritus

I recognize that in the beginning, GOD created what we call HEAVEN and EARTH, sky, air, the sea and the land, water, vegetation, birds, stars, clouds of the sky, fish in the sea, the plant and animal kingdoms, the earth and the forest, all in harmony with Divine purpose, peace, and infinite perfection.

I am infinitely unified with the indwelling balance and harmony of the Universe.

I am now aware that the absolute Divine Wisdom and Infinite Intelligence of the Universe that created ALL LIFE is now and always sustaining, maintaining, regenerating, refreshing, awakening, and restored its Divine nature, including the revealing, unfolding, evolution, protection, care and caring of new and developing life forms to sustain planet earth as we now know it to be and to affirmatively invoke new and advanced measures towards the evolution of life as we know it can be and become.

I am deeply grateful to know that Divine Love, ALL Life, and ETERNAL LAW is now and always revealing ITSELF to and for The Higher SELF.

I release and let go of my word into the one Universal LAW that is now and always God in Divine Action.
And so it is!

prayer for our planet