Pray for our Planet

Affirmative Prayer

by Practitioner Sabrina Fricks, RScP

In the beginning, God. In the beginning, God. Breathing in that Truth, I am enveloped in the heart of God, the Mind of God, all of God Itself. That One Power, One Life, One Infinite Presence is the back of all creation, and I am a manifestation of that One. And I breathe the very breath of God; my heart beats as the heartbeat of God. I relax and surrender into the fullness of Spirit from whence everywhere, every why, every how, everything and everyone comes. Whether animate or inanimate, all is created from the bountiful mind of the One.

As I breathe into that knowing, I am awash with gratitude for my life. I have everything I need at every moment. Answers come easily as I turn within for guidance. My Divine Birthright includes Radiant Health with every system, organ, tissue, muscle, and cell functioning precisely as intended by Spirit; Creative Self-Expression that makes work feel like play; Harmonious Relationships of all types which are filled with Integrity, Peace, and Love; and the Freedom of Financial Prosperity as all my bills are paid in full, and I have more than enough money to spare and to share.

I am grateful for this One Life, for my life. I am grateful for this Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living and Rev. Cheryl and Rev. Staci, for all are the source of my spiritual nourishment. These ministers and this Center radiate the very essence of the Divine, and I lovingly and willingly choose to generously support the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living with my financial resources, my talents, and my time.

There is but One Life, and it is the Life of God. And this is my life now. And So It Is!

prayer for our planet