Pray for our Planet

Affirmative Prayer

by Practitioner Sabrina Fricks, RScP

Breathing in, I am aware that the air I breathe is the breath of God. I breathe again and allow the breath of God to fill every cell…remembering that my DNA is God’s DNA. As I continue to breathe, I remember that God is all there is…the animate, the inanimate. God expresses as everyone, every how, everywhen, everything, and everywhere. God is.

I continue to breathe and remember that God expresses as me, waking and sleeping, consciously and subconsciously. All God is, I am. I joyfully take a stand that inclusion and equity are integral parts of the human experience. I claim and accept that humans know how to live and be with one another in the peaceful co-existence of love.

I know that we treat our planet with respect it deserves as it allows us to live on its surface. I know that animals of all species are loved and cherished and that we learn from them in every way. Recognizing that Divine Health courses through each one’s system, I am awash in gratitude.

I surrender into the majesty of that One Life, knowing that it is my life now.

And So It Is!

prayer for our planet