Pray for our Planet

Affirmative Prayer

by Practitioner Lauren Ballardini, RScP

As I go within, I recognize the Allness, the Expansiveness, the Greatness of the One Mind which I call God. I know that God expresses Itself as Harmony, Beauty, Joy, Love, Compassion, and Wholeness. These attributes of the Divine are unchangeable and are reflected in and through all of creation.

As a beloved child of God, I know that I express these God Qualities. My Truth is that I am God in thought, word, and deed. I radiate Harmony, Beauty, Joy, Love, Compassion, and Wholeness. As I know this is true for me, I know this is true for each person reading this prayer. There is no space where God is not and I know God is fully emanating in these words.

I affirm and claim that just like the Sun, God is always present and shining Its Light and Love. In the moments of quiet in my life when I am unsure of my next best step, I trust and know the grace of God is with me. With this knowledge and trust, I know that I am supported and guided by that highest wisdom within me to step forward. God clears the path before me and all that I endeavor to experience is made ready.

I welcome the opportunities for me to practice love, kindness, and compassion. As I make these moments welcome, I am growing into the version of myself that I am proud to be. I am the change I want to see in the world. I am a radiant light that encourages others to shine their light. The differences between me and anyone I meet is a matter of the One Mind expressing to make a beautiful tapestry with every thread intricately connected and woven together. The differences are what make this tapestry so beautiful.

Anything that may have come before this moment to appear divided or discordant, is now washed away in my consciousness for it is not the Truth. God only knows Unity and Love and therefore, I see with new eyes and find Unity and Love. I, like the Sun, shine and bring warmth encouraging others to see the Light. Today I shine my light brightly.

With a heart filled with gratitude for this awareness and for a Law that is acting on my Word right here and right now, I release this Prayer into the Universal Law that has already said Yes. I let go and I let God.

And So It Is

prayer for our planet