Pray for our Planet

Affirmative Prayer

by Practitioner Dasie Spikes, RScP

God is Faith, Right Thinking, Right Action, and the only True Reality. This Divine Presence is my Source and Supply. It is Loving Intelligence, always knowing exactly what to do, how to do, and when to do. It is poise, power, and self-assurance.

This Divine Presence is forever expressing Itself in through and as me. God is forever at the center of my being, surrounding me, protecting, and guiding me. It is always responding to all that I desire.

Today, I know that God, as my Source, can only provide for me that which I call into my life by my thoughts. I now release any and all ideas of scarcity, limitation, and lack. And so, I declare right now that I accept that the right and perfect employment is already mine. It is now moving into expression. I know that the abundance I desire for the support of myself and my family is mine now.

My mind, my heart, and my affairs are now open to Divine flow. I am ready to receive. I stand straight and tall in the Faith of God that I am. I am confident and self-assured.

Thank you, God, for this Truth.

With Faith and blessed assurance, I release my word to the Law of God, knowing that as it goes forth, IT IS DONE!!

And So It Is!

prayer for our planet