Pray for our Planet

Affirmative Prayer by
Rev. Katherine McKinney
Redondo Beach CSL

There is One Life. That Life is God. That Life is my life now. I open my day with the idea that I live in a creation that is God expressing all the time. I take comfort in knowing that my singular life is always supported by the Law of Infinite Intelligence because It is expressing as me. The Presence that God is to me, is within me, all around me, waiting for my recognition, my call.

I can notice patterns of thought that I do not want to keep showing up and I can stop the thoughts, the reactions. Today I choose to work with my Source to create anew the life I want to experience. I can build on parts of my life and turn away from others. My life begins this moment regardless of what has gone before.

This day I know my Good is there for me and I ought to have it. I name my Good and begin a new life today. I am Health in body and spirit. I am Success in work and personal life. I am Prosperous in all ways and I am Love. The Life of God that I am living each day gives me Power to say, to support and do what I know I want to do. This is my Good.

The most powerful thought I can have is the one that convinces me to my core that God is my only Source. My oneness with the Power of the Universe brings the wisdom I use to direct the Law in ways that bring my Good.

Gratitude floods my being as I know this is the Truth. I accept the action of the law on my word, gratefully knowing, it is done.

And so it is.

prayer for our planet