Are you willing to devote 40 days to Awaken your Soul?

The number 40 has held great significance to the ancients. In Sacred Scripture, the number “40” signifies new lifenew growthtransformation, a change. With 40 Day Mind Fast Soul Feast, you may begin your own 40 day transformational, mystical journey with like minded individuals.

“When individuals in a group focus their intention together …, a powerful collective dynamic emerges that can heal long-standing conditions, mend fractured relationships, reduce violence, and even rekindle a sense of purpose in one’s life.” -Lynne McTaggart, The Power of Eight

This is a six-week class which will be held virtually on Zoom with Rev. Cheryl

Beginning Monday, February 27th-thru-Good Friday, April 6th, 2023

Time: 7:25 a.m.—8:00 a.m. Daily

Registration: $40

Book: 40 Day Mind Fast Soul Feast by Rev. Michael Beckwith

Available on Amazon & Available as a PDF download

The book is not required in order to participate.