Dear Beloved friends and family,

I’m just knowing that this e-bulletin finds you healthy, happy, prosperous and enjoying the beginning of the summer season! I thought I would use this opportunity to share some great gems of wisdom that were part of last Sunday’s Talk on manifesting your dreams!

The first one comes from Dr. Ernest Holmes in his book entitled, Living the Science of Mind, Page 216:

“When we realize that all the Spiritual Power there is, is at our disposal, and that no matter how limited a viewpoint we may have had yesterday, (with the limitations that follow that viewpoint), today we can increase our field of inward awareness, then we make possible a greater influx of the Divine through the human, that is, through our own thinking.”

The second is a wonderful treatment that Dr. Holmes wrote around this very idea:

“I am One with all the Power there is; I am One with all the Presence there is. There is One Life, that Life is God, that Life is my life now. This Power, this Presence, and this Life are Perfect, Complete, Whole, Happy. There are new thoughts, new ideas coming to me. I open my whole consciousness to the influx of that which is larger and better. I identify my mind with inward Peace and Joy!”

Finally, how about this encouragement from Les Brown:

“Begin to capture the essence that you have greatness within you, and that you have a responsibility to manifest that greatness! Begin to envision yourselves as being blessed and highly favored to reach your goals!”

Let these powerful ideas become a part of your consciousness and watch how your life changes! And if you need a little help with changing your thinking and beliefs, check out today’s e-bulletin – there are classes, workshops, movie nights, meditations, and a myriad of opportunities to kick your stinkin’ thinkin’ to the curb!

Love you a bazillion bunches,

Rev Dan